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An African Tale A3 Framed Print

An African Tale A3 Framed Print


This giraffe is straight off the plains of Africa! Originally hand drawn on A2 in black fine liner using millions of dots through a pointillism/stippling technique.

‘An African Tale’ takes you on a full African safari all packed into one giraffe!

The patch pattern of giraffes gave me a perfect set of mini frames to create a massive collage of the wonderful animals of the African savanna.

Ecosystems are huge networks and webs of dependent relationships between so many different species and this collage displays just a fraction of those!

This original picture uses a pointillism technique called stippling, using millions of dots to create the final image. The technique is incredibly time consuming, but can produce really beautiful affects and subtle differences in shade and depth.

Prints are on high quality 310gsm etching rag art paper, that really compliments the detail of the artwork itself, sizes are A4 and A3.

Bring the savanna to your home with this beautiful monochrome print.

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