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Paint By Numbers - King 50cm x 40cm

Paint By Numbers - King 50cm x 40cm


Bring the stunning beauty of the King of the Savannah nto your home with our Paint By Numbers - King kit.


This 50cm x 40cm canvas features a majestic Lion in a a vivid rainbow of colours

This kit includes everything you need to create your own masterpiece.


Easy To Be A Painter: Paintings are simple and easy to draw, not complicated, and can be easily handled by children, adults, and the elderly. Two easy steps to complete a painting, first: dip the paint. Second: paint the corresponding numbers on the canvas.


Ideal Gift: In the process of painting, you can relax and experience the feeling of being a painter. You can use it as an ornament in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. It is also the best gift for family and friends.


 Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, this paint by numbers kit is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of creativity to their day. This kit is a fun and relaxing way to bring a little piece of the wild into your home.

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