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Fineliner Colour Pens Set

Fineliner Colour Pens Set


Water-based high-quality markers that will make you want to write and draw endlessly.

The user-friendly ergonomic handle gives the markers excellent grip. Time has never flown by so quickly because you can continue to write and draw for hours on end without getting writer's cramp. Create every line with absolute precision thanks to the marker's extra thin and strong felt tip – and the absorbent paper or cardboard will welcome every letter and doodle.

Forget classic markers with a thick felt tip that make precision work impossible. A fineliner makes colouring and writing a breeze, no matter what kind of project you're working on:.

  • Make fine, handwritten notes that are easy to read for both family at home and colleagues in the office
  • Revisit the drawing universe so loved by children and enjoy the calmness and contemplation of concentrating on every single line
  • Or find a colouring book for adults and let the markers and your creativity do the rest
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