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Seeing in Colour by Aga Jeffery

Seeing in Colour by Aga Jeffery


"Seeing in Colour" is an original painting generously donated by Aga Jeffery for our art collection. This vibrant and colorful piece is a stunning example of Aga's artistic talent and unique perspective as both an artist and a member of the Suffolk Sight community. As an active participant in the "Through Our Eyes" fundraising exhibition, Aga's work exemplifies her dedication to supporting the visually impaired and raising awareness for their experiences. The bold use of color and expressive brushstrokes in "Seeing in Colour" make it a captivating addition to any art collection, while also serving as a reminder of the beauty and importance of seeing the world through different perspectives. By purchasing this original artwork, you are not only bringing a beautiful piece into your home, but also supporting a meaningful cause and the efforts of Suffolk Sight.


All money from sales in the Through Our Eyes collection will be donated to Suffolk Sight CIO excluding transaction fees and shipping costs.

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